Prescon Hazır Beton Ltd. has embarked upon production in 2005 as a wet system plant at a capacity of 10 m3/h with 16 transmixers of 6 - 9 - 10 m3 and 2 concrete pumps.

Having a daily capacity production of 250-300 m3 in the beginning phase, our firm now produced 350-400 m3. With its annual production of around 100,000 m3, Prescon Hazır Beton Ltd. has become one of the cornerstones of North Cyprus with the confidence and quality it has brought in to the industry.

About Us
As Prescon Hazır Beton Ltd., we are providing our services  with focus on ready-mixed concrete production, ready-to-use wet plaster production and construction contracting.
Prescon Hazır Beton Sanayi Ltd.
Address: Güvercinlik Cross Road, Tuzla, Famagusta
Phone: 05428510479 - 05428520384